New Billy Goat Industries Utility Trailer

Features Ramp-Free Loading and Trnsports Multiple Machines


Loading and unloading light equipment could not be easier as the bed of the trailer lowers flush to the ground by removing a lock-down pin and raising a single lever. Equipment is conveniently rolled on or off the deck  no ramp is required! The deck is returned to transport position by returning the handle. Unlike other trailers, Billy Goat’s design allows for ample hand clearance for this maneuver.


For added safety and equipment protection, grooved slots on the trailer’s backside allows for a 2” x 8” or 2’ x 10” board to be slid in. Reflective safety tape is standard, as are steel fenders, a 2” ball hitch with chains, a jack stand, and skid plate decking in the bed. Additionally, The Billy Goat Utility Trailer is lighted for day or night transport, has 4.8” x 8” tires and is rated for 55mph.



 About Billy Goat Industries:


Billy Goat Industries, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of property cleanup products with a reputation for innovation, productivity and quality.  Started in 1967, Billy Goat became independent in 1969. Billy Goat Industries features a complete line of seasonal product solutions for residential, commercial and municipal customers serving rental, contractor and retail markets.

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